Exceptional AKC and UKC Standard Poodles –¬†Oregon Poodle Breeder and Fancier – Registered AKC and UKC

Our dogs are more than just pets, more that just a hobby or a pass time, they are our family members. They sleep in bed with us, watch TV with us, go on vacation with us. They are an integral part of our lives.

Our goal is to produce physically and emotionally healthy, conformationally correct and well socialized poodles.

We advocate utilizing the tools science has provided us to help screen our dogs for genetic health problems as well as full disclosure of health issues in order to aid other poodle breeders in improving the overall health of the breed. All of our dogs have their health screening before they are bred.

Although we are active in the conformation ring (dog show), our dogs aren’t just beauty! Our dogs have gone on to become Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Guide Dogs (for the blind), Mobility Dogs, Agility Dogs, Obedience Dogs and Medical Alert Dogs, and they have always made Fantastic Family Members.