Larry come look in the garage”! Sharon said when I got home from work one day. I looked in the crate and said” What the heck is that”? I knew all the time it was a poodle. Then I said “who would want one of them”.

All I had ever been around were poorly breed, ill mannered toys and miniatures with the pink toes and nasty dispositions. That was the beginning of the poodle adventure. Before Sharon brought that first Poodle home (a white standard she named Pearl), I Thought Poodles we’re a waste of good air. I had always been a Springer Spaniel guy. It only took Pearl about a month to convince me I belonged to her.Pearl has passed on now and I miss her terribly.

Pearl along with Libby (a silver miniature that stole my heart instantly) became the four legged loves of my life I changed from thinking they were a waste of good air to hunting birds with them. They have taught me so many lessons in life. The poodle is a devoted and loving companion and they are extremely intelligent.

My job is to backup Sharon. I do most of the errand running i.e. to the vet, transporting puppies/dogs from the airport. I also do a lot of the feeding, and picking up the aftermath. I call myself the stable boy, but what the heck every stable needs one.
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